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ALSCCA Points #3 and #4 (Southeastern Divisional Series) - Oak Mountain Amphitheater, 06/27/2015 - 06/28/2015
ALSCCA Points #2 - Oak Mountain Amphitheater, 05/31/2015
Southeastern Division Event 1 - Smokies Stadium, Kodak TN, 04/11 - 04/12
ALSCCA Points #1 - Oak Mountain Amphitheater, 04/04/2015 (Click here for our full 2015 schedule)
Test and Tune - TBD

Copeland takes 2nd in STU - Arbitelle takes 3rd in STX at ALSCCA Points #2. Strong finishes again for Red vs Black Racing headed into Southeastern Divisional Series
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Copeland places 3rd in STU @ Southeastern Divisional in Kodak TN
Copeland places first in STU at ALSCCA Points #1 - Arbitelle takes 2nd in STX
Copeland takes 10th overall in STU at Dixie National Tour. Arbitelle finishes 20th in STX.
2014 Final Season Standings: Copeland finishes 2nd in STU, Arbitelle takes 2nd in C Street